Manufacturing Production and Task Tracking - Enterprise Web-Application Design

A manufacturing company was looking to enhance an existing web-based enterprise system to increase efficiency for their employees related to tracking production tasks.

Screen Captures of example project: Manufacturing Production and Task Tracking


  • The Client had an existing web-based enterprise system for employees to track orders through the production line, as well as for employee to track tasks specific to each order. They desired to increase the efficiency of the processes for the employees when using the system and understanding information communicated by the system.


  • Helped the client to analyze tasks performed by employees and how that related to the web-based application
  • Assessed the employee journey/lifecycle of performing tasks to look for additional opportunities to increase efficiency
  • Helped the client to create new system workflows and interfaces


  • User Experience (UX) Strategy
  • User Experience Workflow Diagramming
  • Journey Mapping
  • Information Architecture
  • Rapid Prototyping (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), using Google AppMaker

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