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UX Discovery

Human-Centered Design

through an Adaptive, Agile Discovery

A user experience expert will assist you and your team to capture ideas from a user/customer perspective. We believe all ideas are good ideas - even the wild ideas. These private, design-thinking UX Discovery meetings can range from product strategy innovation, to creative brainstorming, to user-centered problem solving.

  • Two or more Discovery meetings, each to further the requirement gathering process eventually to a comprehensive "blueprint" for your product/service/platform.
  • Meeting can include collaborative design through screenshare during the meeting, in real-time to help conceptualize your ideas.
  • Goal: map all the main components and sub-components of your product/service/platform, if needed create a product roadmap, and/or define a Minimum Viable Product.
  • Deliverables may vary, including the creation of User Experience (UX) flows, low-fidelity mockups / wireframes, written rules, user hierarchy diagrams, message schemas, edge cases, etc.
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