Press Releases & Announcements

  • May 2019. "Frank Garofalo to be a presenter & panelist at San Diego Startup Week on Wed May 29th." Press Release - For Immediate Release. [ Article | PDF ]
  • March 2019. "Frank Garofalo to be a Mentor/Coach at the San Diego Service Jam on March 29th-31st." Press Release - For Immediate Release. [ Article | PDF ]
  • March 2019. "Workshop Retreats in San Diego, California." Press Release - For Immediate Release. [ Article | PDF ]
  • February 2019. "Garofalo Shares Leadership, Professional Perspectives with Students." Purdue University - University Residences: GetReConnected. [ Article ]
  • February 2018. "Frank Garofalo to speak at Purdue Foundry's Software Stir on March 6th" Press Release - For Immediate Release. [ Article | PDF ]
  • January 2018. "Frank Garofalo selected as a recipient of the 2018 Purdue University Old Masters Rising Professionals" Press Release - For Immediate Release. [ Article | PDF ]
  • October 2017. "Frank Garofalo to speak at Orange County User Experience Meetup on Nov 16th" Press Release - For Immediate Release. [ Article | PDF ]
  • September 2017. "Usability and Accessibility for Government Agencies, and Organizations Building Software for Government." Press Release - For Immediate Release. [ Article | PDF ]
  • August 2017. "Career Services for UX Practitioners." Press Release - For Immediate Release. [ Article | PDF ]
  • July 2017. "Frank Garofalo to speak at SoCal UX Camp 2017 on Aug 13th." Press Release - For Immediate Release. [ Article ]
  • June 2017. "Frank Garofalo to speak, remotely, at Purdue Foundry Grounds." Press Release - For Immediate Release. [ Article | PDF ]
  • April 2017. "Garofalo Studios Announces Sponsorship of TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2017." Press Release - For Immediate Release. [ Article | PDF | PRWeb ]
  • March 2017. "Garofalo Studios now an Esri Federal Small Business Specialist." Announcement. [ Article ]
  • March 2017. "UX Design & Usability Assistance as a Monthly Subscription Offered for Startups, Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists (VCs), and Enterprise Organizations." Press Release - For Immediate Release. [ Article | PDF | PRWeb ]

In the News

  • Gaillot, A. (2019). "Why Instagram Made Multi-Photo Posts More Annoying". OneZero. Retrieved from on 18-March-2019.
    Frank Garofalo is cited: "Frank Garofalo, principal consultant at Garofalo UX, also speculates that the second-photo feature could be a fix for users who are accustomed to vertical scrolling, but not necessarily the horizontal swiping required of multi-photo posts.
    'If their analytics of usage was showing that, across the board, there was a low use of scrolling through multiple photos of a single post, this might be an attempt to try to increase those analytics and that actual usage count,' he says."
  • Birkenhagen, K. & Kolloen, S. (2017). "How To Have An Awesome Project Kickoff Meeting". Blog. Retrieved from on 21-June-2017.
  • Patrick, S. & Kelso, E. (2017). "When & Why to Build a Customer Portal". Blog. Retrieved from on 8-June-2017.
  • Rudder, C. (2017). "Teaching IT to embrace change: 9 execs share advice". The Enterprisers Project. Retrieved from on 8-June-2017.
    Frank Garofalo is quoted describing the embrace of agile: "Adopting an agile methodology for projects has allowed us to embrace uncertainty while providing focus. Using a two-week iteration cycle allows us to have focus within those two weeks, with the ability to adapt to changing business needs. At the end of each iteration cycle, we can refocus efforts through an iteration planning meeting in addition to having a retrospective meeting to learn from situations. The goal of the retrospective meeting is to be better prepared to navigate future situations. To coach the organization through these skills requires everyone involved to be knowledgeable about scrum methodology. An additional benefit of embracing a two-week iteration cycle has enabled us to encourage team members to take calculated risks. Then at the end of the two weeks, we review the results and plan accordingly for the next iteration cycle."
  • Stringfellow, A. (2017). "21 Engineers and Product Designers Reveal the Single Best Way to Balance HMI Design and Usability". Pannam Imaging Blog. Retrieved from on 7-June-2017.
    To the prompted statement "The most effective way to balance HMI design and usability is...," Frank Garofalo shared his expertise stating: "Simply put, 'it depends.' It depends on your target audience for the interface. Generally, the interface design and usability should be complementary, working in conjunction to provide something that is useful, usable, and compelling. More specifically about usability, if people are unable to successfully use an application, then what is the point of the application's existence?"
  • Garofalo UX organization profile on Crunchbase. Crunchbase Inc. Retrieved from


Garofalo UX

Garofalo UX ( ) is a user experience and interactive strategy consulting firm, a professional service from Garofalo Enterprises, Inc. With over 19 years of experience in the web industry, Garofalo UX was formed in July 2016 located in Redlands, California. We work with organizations to create solutions which engage and delight the people who use them. We specialize in Brainstorm Facilitation, Design Leadership User Experience Research, Interactive Strategy, and User Experience Mapping, related to Enterprise UX and Location Intelligence + UX. Garofalo Enterprises, Inc. is an IRS verified S-Corp small business.

Our Principal Consultant, Frank Garofalo, has worked in the web and interactive industry since 1999. Over the years, he has had employment experience with various companies, such as Esri, The Walt Disney Company, Bank of America, Cyber View, and Garmin. Through his employment background, Frank has been involved with design and user experience efforts on projects for Fortune 100 companies, US Federal agencies, and with budgets of over $12 million. Frank managed a 35+ person department of User Experience Architects, User Interface Designers, Icon Designers, and Usability Research experts, at a billion-dollar software company. He is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner.

Garofalo Enterprises, Inc.

Garofalo Enterprises, Inc. ( ) provides web & digital services to organizations across the globe.

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For all publicity related inquiries and requests, please contact: press [at]

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